Day 4, Corrubedo (from London Life with Bradshaw’s Hand Book)

Grazas ao blog Galego en Londres, sei destoutro blog: London Life with Bradshaw’s Hand Book. Nel hai varios post en que relata unha viaxe por Galicia que comeza en Porto (Portugal) e remata en Cambados (Galicia).

Vouvos deixar aquí as súas impresións da cuarta etapa por Galicia: Corrubedo:


The Parador at Cambados, the old Pazo of Bazan, was our refuge for three nights – a comfortable and beautiful old mansion facing the sea.

Parador at Cambados

After a comfortable night we set off from Cambados on Day 4 of Travel in Spain to explore the Ria de Arousa and the Ria de Noia, starting with the Natural Park of Corrubedo.


Corrubeda Natural Park

We walked through huge granite rocks to reach the beach. The wind was fierce and dark clouds over the sea promised rain at some point. We could see Corrubedo in the distance and then walked back to the car over wooden walkways through the dunes.

Corrubeda Natural ParkCorrubeda Natural Park

Corrubeda Natural ParkCorrubeda Natural Park, looking towards CorrubedaWalkway through the dunes, Corrubeda Natural Park

Chilled and blown about, it was time for coffee and we headed to Ribeira. Although the town was not immediately appealing, it apparently houses the third largest fishing fleet in Spain, with a deep water port which services large fishing boats, and a busy daily market. As usual we did not spend enough time to truly appreciate the town, but I would return, particularly to see the market! The coffee, as always, was excellent, but the weather was closing down and it was time to move on.

The Port of RibeiraThe Port of Ribeira

The harbour, Ribeira



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